Cleaning Viscose

Article not suitable for use in wet places (example WC's)

Avoid exposure to water and direct sunlight. Areas that receive direct and prolonged sunlight should be protected by blinds in order to control the intensity of light.

To maintain the appearance of your carpet, it is recommended to aspirate the carpet at least 2 (two) times per week so that dirt and dust particles can be removed.

It should be noted that over time, in areas of higher traffic, the hair loses resilience giving rise to areas of differential wear. This type of occurrence causes natural variations of light and shade, typical of velvet carpets, so it will not be accepted as a basis for any claim.

Falling hair is a common feature in high-quality viscose carpets, which drops considerably after the initial period of use.

Wipe any spills immediately with a clean, dry white cloth to absorb them. Do not rub.


Professional cleaning is recommended and dry.



Reading these instructions does not dispense with the labels that accompany the article.