We specialize in responding in a personalized way to our customers' requests, offering tailor-made solutions in textile floor coverings, for residential and professional use.
We supply a wide range of products from our own stocks, including carpets, rugs, vinyl coverings and others, for all Iberian market.
We represent world leading companies in the production of floor coverings for whom quality standards, technological knowledge, innovation and sustainability are a priority.
The shape and dimension of things are determined by their format, and if it is true that there are universal solutions for almost everything, we also believe that there are exceptions, projects with special and rare characteristics that go beyond any format. We are tailors of carpets.


From the first moment there was a concrete idea of destiny. This plan emerged clearly, with palpable and defined contours, in the mind of António da Silva Monteiro, who tried to make it real.
More than 50 years have passed since our founding year in 1967, and we continue determined in this journey of nonstop growth, with the certainty that we will be perfected by the knowledge that the experience brings. The changes in the world and the market are part of our history, it only makes sense that we continue to follow them. We keep following this lead wire with fascination.



Our customers are our goal.

We care that the result of our work perfectly suits your expectations and your demanding standards. We learn daily with the satisfaction of your needs, with your project visions and your good taste. Our customers inspire us.



Our team is made up of experienced men and women who have in their hands the familiar feeling of recognizing each item in our collection by heart, they call it know-how.

The hands take care of the carpets and rugs that will live for years on our customers' feet. Dedication is differentiation and it’s present in every gesture: listening, cutting, finishing, packing.

It is not enough for us to say that we are different, we know that we do differently.



To evolve is part of our company's history. Sometimes the change is natural, organic, other times the change is deliberate and studied, to follow trends, to achieve objectives, to reach other places.

If evolution foresees the future, there is much in this modification that praises the past and honours it. We will leave the physical space that has been our shelter for the past few years, that has shaped our routines, that has modified the choreographed steps of the employees who arrive and those who receive them, that has received so many meters of carpets and sisals that have been patiently unrolled and transformed, we wish we know for sure how many there were, it remains a secret of the now empty warehouse.

Fortune or chance tried to make us change in a year that is in itself a magnifying lens for all the changes in the world, it is a symbolic moment to happen in a particularly demanding moment. Still, the opacity of the times does not strain us, it fills us with enthusiasm. We know that on our side we have the best partners, thank you for following us and thank you for guiding us.

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