Cleaning Sisal

Aspirate regularly, taking into account the use, is the first and most important requirement.

In rooms with low humidity, we recommend maintaining humidity levels between 60/70% using a spray plant.

Extend the life of your Cairo carpet, or Sisal keeping the humidity levels correct.

Carpets dyed or bleached should be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Remove any blemish immediately. Wet stains are easier to remove.

Whisk immediately with an absorbent cloth or kitchen paper. Do not rub because it will cause the stain to increase.

Most stains are removed with water, especially when they are fresh stains.

Wipe it with lukewarm water, which will most of the time remove any remaining stain. Finish using a dry cloth to absorb the remaining moisture.

For stubborn stains, mix some vinegar or ammonia with warm water.

If necessary repeat the treatment (without rubbing) and accelerate the drying process by blowing hot air.

Try to remove old stains with a spoon or with the back of a knife.

Always start towards the center of the spot.

Try not to spread the stain. For this purpose you may use kitchen absorbent paper.




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