General Cleaning Instructions

Weekly Maintenance

The weekly maintenance of your carpet is very important for the appearance and life of the carpet. It is very important to inhale regularly even if no bruising is visible. For most carpets we recommend the use of vacuum cleaner with rotary brush


Stain Removal

There are 4 basic principles:

Treat stains immediately. The faster you treat the stain, the more easily you can remove it.
When removing stains work from the outside to the center of the same always observing the direction of the fiber.
Never rub, this could damage the fibers of the carpet.
Use only appropriate stain removal products. Cleaning products that are not specific may damage the carpet. One should always experiment in non-visible places on the carpet.

 Professional Cleaning

If the carpet has extensive stains and is difficult to remove, thorough cleaning is imperative. Immediate cleaning is an indispensable condition for prolonging carpet life

Once a year your carpet should receive professional cleaning not only for hygienic reasons but also to preserve its appearance. The cleaning professional can also help you choose the appropriate cleaning method.

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