Cleaning Vinyl (Technics)

"Technics" floors are a woven vinyl with a fiberglass-reinforced vinyl backing. Since the material is a woven product, its structure is naturally irregular. Technics Floors are water resistant and do not allow any liquids to penetrate. However, they are not approved for wet rooms. Technics Flooring must always be installed by qualified professionals in accordance with the instructions for each market in order to ensure that all warranties remain valid.


Environments should always have an efficient system at the entrance to ensure that most of the dirt remains there. Aspirate regularly and rub the floor with water to enhance its luster and prolong its life. Stains should be removed in 24 hours. The floor may need to be cleaned further with a mild non-abrasive detergent mixed in water. This will depend on the amount of traffic, the design of the floor and the weather. We recommend a periodic cleaning program. Floors can be washed by hand or with a cleaning machine (for larger areas). Warm water should be used for cleaning. Technics is very easy to clean and does not need extra treatment. This means a very low maintenance cost over the life of the article. The stains should be removed as soon as possible.



Reading these instructions does not dispense with the labels that accompany the article.